How to Earn Cash with Castle App Affiliate

As we know that castle app is a free streaming platform where we can watch the content of  Hollywood, Bollywood, and web series. Castle app combines the content of all major OTT platforms. You can say that the castle app is a hub of content which is totally free. With all of these benefits now the castle app affiliate is giving the opportunity to earn money to their users. Now users can earn money by sharing their castle app affiliate link. This is the simplest method to earn cash in castle app. In this article we will discuss the castle app referral link and how to make money with it in detail.

What is the castle app Affiliate links

In the latest update, the castle app is offering the opportunity to earn money in a very easy way, you don’t have to do any difficult task for it, you only have to share your affiliate links to your friends and family. Affiliate link is an invitation to your friends and family to download the castle app. If they download the castle app by your provided link you will receive a monetary reward. There are several options to share your affiliate link, such as on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and you also have the option to copy your link and share it on any platform.

How I Can Find My Affiliate Link On Castle App

We will describe in detail how to obtain your referral link. Open your castle app application on your mobile phone or any other device, and click on your profile located at the bottom left of your screen. Once your castle app profile is open, you will see an option “Share APP to Friends & Earn”.

Click on this option, and a new window will open on your device and you will see many options. At the bottom you will find the “Invitation” button. Clicking on it will bring up a list of sharing options, such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more. In the bottom you will also see a “Copy” option  by clicking on this option the referral link will be copied on your clipboard now you have your link ready to share on any platform.

Infograph- How to invite in castle app

How to Withdraw Your Earning in Castle App

If you want to withdraw your funds from the castle app, click on your profile. Once your castle app profile is open, click this option “ Share APP to Friends & Earn”, and a new window will open on your device and you will see many options.

On the top you will see the “ Withdraw” button click on this option and your withdrawal page is now open you will see there are many options to withdraw your earnings, such as Bank Card, PayTM, Paypal and you can also buy castle app premium subscription by using this money. Click any of these options and add details and click on confirm withdraw button. The funds will be transferred to your bank account in the next 1-2 hours.

how to withdraw castle app affiliate money.

Rules For Inviting Friends

  • You can invite others to download and register the castle app by sharing the invite link.
  • You can get a percentage of commission from the invitee.
  • The greater the number of affiliates you invite, the higher your earnings, with no limit to your potential rebate.

Tips and Trick to Earn More With Castle App Affiliate

  1. Join WhatsApp groups and share your link on it.
  2. Join multiple Facebook groups and create posts of your castle app affiliate link.
  3. Make Insta Reels about the castle app and put your link in description.
  4. Ask your friends and family to download the castle app through your link and share with their friends also.
  5. You can also create a YouTube short video about the castle app and put your affiliate link in description.
Easy steps to earn with castle app affiliates


Final verdict

With the Castle App Affiliates program, users can easily earn extra money by sharing their referral links with friends and family. Follow our simple guide to get your unique affiliate link. This innovative feature makes the Castle App even better – not only can you enjoy top entertainment, but you can also earn income. Withdraw your earnings anytime using several convenient payout options like direct deposit or gift cards. Castle App Affiliates provides an opportunity to boost your income while still accessing premium Hollywood, Bollywood, and web series content. Sign up for the Castle App Affiliates program today and start making money effortlessly.

You can earn more then 100,000₹ from the castle app affiliate program.

You can withdraw your funds via bank cards, PayTM, Paypal and you can also buy castle app subscriptions.

There is no limit to invite people to castle app, you can say that its unlimited.

Castle app affiliate program is legit and verified by our team, you can trust on it.

Yes, this is also available for PC users, read our castle app for PC article to know how to download castle app on PC.

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