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This film could be Ajay Devgn’s biggest hit horror movie. This supernatural horror movie breaks box office records in this genre. In this article, We will tell you the real names of the main characters in the movie “Shaitaan” also we provide a detailed review of this movie and a guide on how to watch the Shaitaan movie on Castle app for free.

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Shaitaan Movie Story Overview

Shaitaan is a supernatural horror movie. In the movie’s beginning, Kabir (Ajay Devgn) is pleased with his family, including his wife and two children. They all leave home for a trip and stop at a restaurant to rest, where they meet a man named Vanraaj, who practices black magic. With the help of his black magic, Vanraaj is able to get Kabir’s daughter under his control, and the girl starts obeying everything Vanraaj says.

After completing their trip, Kabir and his family return home. After going to sleep, Kabir suddenly wakes up feeling that someone may have entered their home. He searches the house and sees Vanraaj roaming inside, scaring the entire family. Vanraaj takes control of their home, and Kabir’s daughter is under his influence. To avoid too many spoilers…

Do you think Kabir can save his family from this man? Or will Vanraaj accomplish his goal? To find out, watch the Shaitaan movie on castle app.

Shaitaan Movie Scenes

Shaitaan Movie Scenes
Watch shaitaan movie on castle app

Cast of Shaitaan Movie

Shaitaan Movie Box Office Collection And Budget

The first supernatural movie of 2024 with an amazing star cast of Ajay Devgn, R. Madhavan, Jyothika etc. This movie is directed by the amazing director Vikas Bahl and produced by Devgn Films, Panorama Studios, and Jio Studios. The movie budget is around ₹65 Crore. As per our last knowledge till the date of 17 March 2024, Shaitaan has grossed ₹115.9 crore in their home country and ₹28 crore overseas, with a worldwide collection total of ₹143.9 crore.

On the other hand, this is important to remind you that Shaitaan movie is the remake version of the Gujarati movie named “Vash”, This Gujarati movie was released in 2023 after the release of Vash movie Ajay Devgn bought all the rights to the movie in ₹25 crore and create a remake of its with some little changes at the ending scenes.

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Shaitaan Movie Review

In the Shaitaan, director Vikas Bahl takes viewers on a chilling and suspenseful journey into the supernatural world . Kabir delivers a powerful performance as the patriarch trying to protect his family from dark forces. His co-stars R. Madhavan (Vanraaj) and Jyothika are also excellent in their respective roles. This movie give you hard goosebumps and it will force you to think what you would do if you were in Kabir’s place? R. Madhavan, who played the role of the villain Vanraaj, breathed life into this character. His performance while delivering dialogues and captivating facial expressions, added depth to the sinister persona of Vanraaj, thereby elevating the entire film. It’s a must-watch for fans of well-crafted supernatural chillers.

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Yes, Shaitaan movie is the remake of the Gujarati movie name ” Vash”. Ajay Devgn bought all the rights of the movie after release of it in 25 CR.

Shaitaan has grossed ₹115.9 crore in their home country and ₹28 crore overseas, with a worldwide collection total of ₹143.9 crore.

The movie budget is around ₹65 Crore with production partners Devgn Films, Panoroma Studios, and Jio Studios.

Our sources is confirmed that Shaitaan will be released on next month on all OTT platform partners like Netflix, Jio Cinema etc.

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